Creepy Tree

The Dark Art Studio

Allie KnoxMy name is Allie Knox and I am a self-taught artist from the East coast of Scotland. I love heading out and about plein-air painting with my dog Riley capturing the atmosphere in all the elements. At home in my studio, I enjoy portrait and spiritually based paintings, painting the essence of all things magical.


Original Paintings and Prints

I am delighted with Dark Arts Studio’s interpretation of the photographs sent of my favourite views from home which have been captured in such a beautiful combination of light and colour.

Karen Brown

When I saw Allie’s paintings I loved the balance between an abstract and actual take on the skyline. There is a vibrancy and life to the pictures that I just had to have in my lounge.

Karen Brown

If you have any questions about my paintings or would like to commission a painting, please contact me.